Back to business again with new site!

To all our loyal subscribers, visitors and fan base – we are back with a brand new site and this time it is bigger and better than before. We know what you are thinking, it is the same site with a few minor tweaks here and there. Well, you are partly right, until you look at the small details and changes we have made to the site overall.

Website designed bekksolutions
Website designed bekksolutions

We are proud of the new site and it’s new feature. Feel free to browse the site and get used to the user interface and new layout, our hope is that you find the new site easy to navigate and consume the information. Updates happen on a weekly basis so best to keep up to date with the site by visiting often and regularly. Our team is working around the lock on great new value rich content for you and should be released by the end of the week and subsequently each week after. The teams on our site have worked hard to get the site to this stage and deserve a big hand in their commitment to making this project happen. They have put in hours and hours of development time to have the site looking and feeling awesome and we are grateful for the entire team that have contributed to the site development in any way.

With that said, enjoy the site and make the most out of it by visiting all the pages and new cool material on offer!


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