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Top 4 things I learnt as an entrepreneur travelling Europe in 2018

What is up bekksolutions followers? Thank you as always for digging with my content regardless if you are a silent reader, long time subscriber, whether you have been with us a short time or a long time, I will run you through some gem of secrets I learned as a seasoned entrepreneur travelling in 2018.

The first thing I learnt as a new traveller in 2018 is don’t go to the airport too early. We have all done it, we have been conditioned by media and airliners that we must arrive an inordinate amount of time in check in prior to the flight. So you order an Uber and arrive at the airport as required 4 hours early. In the age of the internet and self-service stations being more commonly used, there is no need to arrive at the airport that early provided you do not have any special requests, like travelling with a dog.

Downtown Europe
Downtown Europe

The second thing I learned is that you need to carry a range of currencies such as the Euro and Pound sterling, both digital and physical. The last thing you want is to be flying to a country where you could potentially run out of money or if you lose all your cash you are near to stranded, so always carry loose change and extra payment options such as credit cards.

Pick things up on the way! On my way through to the Netherlands, I was fortunate enough to have a layover in London, UK. As I had never been to London before and I was there in the city, I decided to stay a few days to check the place out – I mean come on, this is London we are talking about! In my quest to find the best gifts to bring back with me, I was fortunate enough to run across this UK 3d printing company Digital Cubed specialising in 3D printing based out of the UK. Now I mention this story because it comes in really handy to have reserve cash you can purchase off the cuff or you can put towards an emergency if you have any when you are away. You can check this great company out via the usual social means, however, their Instagram is worth a browse as well as their website – Digital Cubed.

A few other things I’ve learned over the years as an entrepreneur travelling this wide and diverse world is to be nice and grateful to every interaction you have with someone. Be polite and try to speak the native language as and when you can, it goes a long way. Follow your heart is also a big one, the reason you travel is for you, so make sure you do what you want to do and go with the flow and be spontaneous – after all, that is what travelling is about, right? 

I will do another update on the things I learned as a solo traveller setting up a business in the future, for now, however, I hoped you enjoyed reading the above pointers and my endeavour is that it helped at least one person out there to be able to travel smarter and wiser. Check out the video below, you may find it useful, I did. 

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